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Our Features

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Xeovo provides a new generation VPN protocol WireGuard® and classic OpenVPN. For both protocols, we have robust generators to fit your needs.

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Xeovo protects you from ISP tracking and third-party spying, and has a strict zero log policy, giving you the online freedom you've always desired.

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We use one of the most modern, robust and state-of-the-art cryptographic cipher suites to protect your internet connection. ChaCha20 and AES-256.

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Without a VPN service, your data stays unprotected when you use public Wi-Fi networks. Browse the web securely on any Wi-Fi connection.

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Xeovo never limits your connection. Browse, or download you remain worry-free since there are no data limits.

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All the servers in our network have 1 Gbps connection speed for an ultra-fast connection.

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Enjoy our VPN service on up to 5 devices at the same time.












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